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By Peter Ladefoged

Phonetics is so comprehensible with A direction IN PHONETICS and its CD! This best-selling textual content will get undergraduates painlessly into the subdiscipline of phonetics. Attuning your ear and training speech sounds is simple with the CD-ROM; over 4,000 audio documents contain many models of English and nearly a hundred different languages. The CD additionally includes fabric for each chapter--recordings of phrases within the tables and function exercises--and maps with hyperlinks to sounds of the languages spoken in a number of parts of the area.

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May not be copied, scanned, or duplicated, in whole or in part. 13 The relative positions of the highest points of the tongue in the vowels in 1 heed, 2 hid, 3 head, 4 had, 5 father, 6 good, 7 food. between front and back vowels by contrasting words such as he and who. Say these words silently and concentrate on the sensations involved. You should feel the tongue going from front to back as you say he, who. You can also feel your lips becoming more rounded. 13, the specification of vowels in terms of the position of the highest point of the tongue is not entirely satisfactory for a number of reasons.

The tongue is fairly close to the roof of the mouth for the vowel in heed (you can feel that this is so by breathing inward while holding the target position for this vowel), slightly less close for the vowel in hid (for this and most other vowels it is difficult to localize the position by breathing inward; the articulators are too far apart), and lower still for the vowels in head and had. If you look in a mirror while saying the vowels in these four words, you will find that the mouth becomes progressively more open while the tongue remains in the front of the mouth.

2 with one of the other vowels followed by [ r ], while most British English speakers have additional diphthongs in these words. In each case, the end of the diphthong is [ E ], the same symbol we used for the beginning of the diphthong in hoe for most British English speakers. We will discuss this symbol further in the next paragraph. Some (usually old-fashioned) British English speakers also use a diphthong in words like poor, cure that can be transcribed as [ ÁE ]. Some people have a diphthong [ aE ] in words such as fire, hire [ faE, haE ].

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