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By Poul Anderson

Raconteur, bon vivant, troubleshooter for the decaying Terran Empire, Dominic Falndry does not crave additional hazard within the carrier of galactic unity.

But accountability calls, so it truly is again to the spaceways for the main dependent targeted Agent is 100 megastar systems--straight into the well-laid plans of his lifelong enemy Aycharaych.

Win or lose, although, the lengthy evening of human civilization is coming and Flandry is aware it. what number extra battles can he stand to win in a wasting reason? and the way many planets will die meanwhile?

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And the Dennitzans always despised Josip. His tribute assessors and other agents he sent them, through Duke Alfred, developed a tendency to get killed in brawls, and somehow nobody afterward could identify the brawlers. When Josip died, and the Policy Board split on accepting his successor, and suddenly all hell let out for noon, the Gospodar declared for Hans Molitor. He didn't actually dispatch troops to help, but he kept order in his part of space, gave the Merseians no opening--doubtless the best service he could have rendered.

On your way, now. " She also provided a fresh euphoriac. Thus Kossara didn't even mind that the servant who came to fetch her was hauntingly like and unlike an ychan. He too was bald, green, and tailed; but the green was grass-bright, without scales, the tail thin as a cat's, the posture erect, the height well below her own, the other differences unreckonable. "Sir Dominic saw fit to dub me Chives," he introduced himself. "I trust you will find his service pleasant. Indeed, I declined the manumission he offered me, until the law about spy bracelets went into effect on Terra.

Few besides him were left, maybe none, with whom Hans dared talk freely. "Let us come to business. " Inwardly taken aback, Flandry replied soft-voiced, "Not much, sir. Not much about the whole Taurian Sector, in spite of having had the good luck to be there when Lady Megan needed help. " Hans scowled. "I suppose you do know how the Gospodar, my sector governor, is resisting my defense reorganization. Could be a simple difference of judgment, yes. But ... now information suggests he plans rebellion.

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