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By Robert B. Gordon

This ebook examines the commercial ecology of 2 hundred years of ironmaking with renewal strength assets in northwestern Connecticut. It specializes in the cultural context of people's judgements approximately know-how and the surroundings, and the slow transition they effected of their land from commercial panorama to pastoral countryside.

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Allen, John Hazeltine, and the Forbes brothers agreed on 16 January 1762 to build "A Furnice to Run Iron Pig mettle" and prepare enough ore and fuel for two months of smelting by 5 September. John Hazeltine put up half the capital, the Forbes three-eighths, and Allen the remaining eighth. 4 The partners bought Leonard Owen's bloomery forge at the outlet of the lake (fig. 1), along with his ore rights and 365 acres of woodland on nearby Mount Riga for coaling (with chestnut excluded because of its use for split rails) for £430.

Draw water only during five months of the year, at his election, except that if he drew water in a particular month, that month must be one of the five. 7 North Spectacle Pond gathered water from surrounding wetlands. However, because of its high elevation and its position at the head of the West Aspetuck River, its watershed was small, making the quantity of Fig. 2. Map showing the locations of works using waterfrom North Spectacle Pond in East Kent. When Fitch and Walker bought land near the outlet of the pond to gain control of a reserve of waterfor the forge in which they were partners, they gained control of the water supply to the saw and grist mills downstream.

Forbes & Adam used four dams along the Blackberry River to provide power to each component of their industrial complex. A race north of the river brought water to their gristmill and to the blastfurnace built later by S. F. Adam. The other works were located at their respective dams. (Eased on a sketch map by Samuel Forbes, courtesy of Dr. ) 40 A Landscape Transformed later the demand for nail rod exceeded the capacity of both mills. Forbes & Adam had used all the good water privileges on the Blackberry River (fig.

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