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By Bertrice Small

"Bertrice Small does not simply push the boundaries, she reinvents them." (Literary instances) "Bertrice Small creates cover-to-cover ardour, a willing feel of heritage and suspense." (Publishers Weekly) during this sweeping old epic that includes Skye O'Malley's brother, Conn, Bertrice Small-the "reigning queen of romance"*-chronicles the lives of 2 enthusiasts separated through the royal deceptions of sixteenth century Europe...

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When the men come with the baggage, Mag, we'l have them remove the old mattress, and bring water for cleaning. " They stood staring about them for what seemed a very long time, and then suddenly Robin Southwood was standing in the doorway, a smile upon his handsome young face. "Here we are, Mistress St. " Mag bustled forward. "Tel yer men to hold off, m'lord," she said. "I'l not have my mistress sleeping on yon moldy mattress. I want it removed, and water for the scrubbing down of this room. " Robin grinned at her.

Aidan had risen from her embroidery frame and was looking questioningly down at him. Suddenly he was terribly exhausted, and he felt every day of his seventy-six years. "Nay, my dear," he said weakly. " He saw the look upon her face. A look that told him she was torn by her concern for him, and by what she felt she must say. He was unable to resist the wan smile that creased his face, and his voice when he spoke was warm with his love for her, and faintly teasing. "Say what ye must, Aidan. " The words came in a rush.

Madame, this is Mistress St. Michael," Robin said. Aidan curtsied prettily as did her companion. The older woman, however, was obviously stiff in her joints, and needed her mistress' help to arise. This caused the queen's ladies to giggle, and Aidan's cheeks flushed, embarrassed. The queen shot the women an angry look for she disliked such un-kindness. "You are welcome to court, Mistress St. Michael," she said. " "Yer majesty is most gracious," Aidan replied. " There was a sharp giggle at Aidan's words which caused her to flush once more, and eyes narrowing the queen sought out the culprit, a dainty girl with a rosebud mouth and sunshine-yelow hair.

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