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By David E. Campbell

Examines the spiritual affiliations of citizens and celebration elites and evaluates the declare that ethical values have been decisive in 2004. This publication analyzes recommendations used to mobilize spiritual conservatives and examines the balloting habit of quite a number teams, together with evangelicals, African-Americans, and the understudied spiritual left.

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1 The survey, conducted in the spring of 2004, was based on interviews of a national random sample of 4,000 adult Americans (eighteen years of age or older). Members of the initial sample were then reinterviewed after the 2004 election; the later sample included 2,730 respondents. This survey was the fourth in a series of surveys conducted at the University of Akron since 1992, using the same pre- and postelection design and roughly the same number of respondents in the samples. Religious Tradition.

2. Hunter (1991); White (2003); Greenberg (2004). 3. Williams (1997); Wolfe (1998); Fiorina, Abrams, and Pope (2005). qxd 38 3/26/07 10:42 AM Page 38 JOHN C. GREEN AND JOHN S. JACKSON reflect a culture war raging in the public or instigate such “wars” themselves in their bid for power. Second, the disputants agree that religious communities are important to the values divide, whether in terms of bitter sectarian rivalries focused on sexual morals or religious coalitions concerned with an expanded issue agenda.

Many of the table entries, therefore, must be viewed with caution. Indeed, the full range of groups is presented to assess broad patterns, not to offer a definitive description of any given religious community. S. adult population. The remaining four columns report measures of religious belief and behavior: the percentage of respondents who believe that God is a person (as opposed to an impersonal force); the percentage of respondents who agree with the statement that “all the world’s great religions are equally true and good” (as opposed to only one religion being true); the percentage who attend worship services weekly (or more often); and the percentage for whom the salience of religion is at the highest level (religion is important to the respondent and offers a great deal of guidance).

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