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By Stef Panebianco

The Euro-Mediterranean Partnership was once shaped in 1995 in Barcelona. during this quantity, innovations of democracy, civil society, human rights and discussion between civilizations within the Mediterranean area are addressed within the context of the recent Euro-Mediterranean Partnership.

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Furthermore, there are numerous supra-national—and therefore impartial—as well as national organizations that have the responsibility of verifying the respect of rights, and of denouncing any observed or suspected abuses. Finally, some acts (such as genocide or ethnic cleansing) are so widely rejected and so difficult to hide that no state can realistically hope to commit them without being discovered and denounced. As for other forms of human rights abuses, the burden of proving them would be left to those who claim their existence.

Inter-religious dialogue represents, then, another important component of the third chapter of the Barcelona Declaration. ). The EMP rests upon a constructivist approach aimed not only at promoting tolerance, but at spreading positive perception of cultural differences as well. Conclusions: Speculations about the Future Cooperation in the Mediterranean has become imperative for several reasons. First, due to geopolitical reasons common strategies are necessary to avoid conflicts and create an area of peaceful coexistence.

Thanks to this strategy the EU can continue to advocate democracy without having to force its members to agree on a common standard by which to evaluate its existence, and to call for respect of human rights without taking any major risks. This, however, does not adequately deal either with the problem of disrespect for other fundamental freedoms that the EU claims to consider as important, such as freedom of expression and of association, or with the view that such a disrespect is inconsistent with democracy—however it is defined.

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