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By Jimmy Buffett

In 'A Salty Piece of Land', Jimmy Buffett weaves a mesmerising story that mixes humour and emotional mirrored image. in spite of everything, one man's cathedral is one other man's fishing gap. And in Jimmy Buffett's international, paradise is simply a mind set.

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I traded those bumbling bureaucrats in Nassau a building they needed for a Junkanoo museum on Bay Street for her. I think we both came out okay. ” “No problem,” I said, shrugging. After what I had recently been through, fixing up an old lighthouse sounded like a piece of cake. As the bottom of the dinghy brushed against the shallow sand, Cleopatra sprang to the beach like a teenager. I had to laugh. Three months earlier, my life was rolling by at a snail’s pace, and I was sitting on the beach in Mexico, wondering if the day would ever end.

Life is unpredictable, but there is a lot out there to do and see if you just tune in to the radio. The tubes of the old Hallicrafter hummed and glowed a good number of years before I finally pulled the plug and told myself it was time to transmit instead of receive. I was working as a wrangler and living in my little Airstream trailer when a blinding snowstorm rumbled down from Alberta one weekend. When the storm finally moved on the next morning, I was busy digging a path from my trailer to the corral, not paying much attention to the task at hand.

When I wasn’t doing my chores around the ranch, I was listening to the radio and reading stories in Popular Science about people who could pick up radio signals with the gold fillings in their teeth. I wanted to be one of those people—a radio head. Well, it never happened. My molars remained silent, but I still had my father’s radio. It was over that radio that I heard the report of the avalanche that buried him while he was trying to rescue survivors of a plane crash in the Bitterroot Mountains.

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