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The great English-Russian and Russian-English Learner's Dictionary of Collocations is the fabricated from the author's approach to compilation of learner's dictionaries comprehensively describing the English language approach for Russian-speaking (thinking in Russian) scholars studying English. the most ideas of the method:
- specialize in a selected pupil (thinking in Russian);
- vocabulary choice in accordance with frequency;
- semantic constitution of phrases in response to frequency;
- presentation of vocabulary goods in phrases;
- commentaries to entries (4 forms) in accordance with Russian-English contrastive and comparative studies;
- translation variants;
- functions of linguistic content;
- Russian-English thesaurus (reverse dictionary).
Total quantity of over 2 hundred author's sheets
The dictionary is a deciphering and coding learner's dictionary, i.e. it explains the integrated words' meanings and also teaches pondering within the international language in addition to formulating/coding of a proposal in Russian utilizing the English language. a variety of comparative commentaries serve a similar purpose.
The authors depend upon the theories of words, their versions and ideas of the lexical items' cognitive body. those matters shape the theoretical foundation mirrored within the constitution of the dictionary's entries.

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