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By J. Rinehart

This examine examines the practical dating among millenarian-inspired terrorism and the method of political switch. via an exhaustive research of past due Twentieth-century routine, Aum Shinrikyo, Sendero Luminoso and Hezbollah, it concludes that during every one case, apocalyptic expectancies played an important team mobilization, management and healing functionality.

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For example, through contact with the Inca in the immediate pre-Columbian period, the Shipibo peoples, who populated the region along the banks of the Ucayali River in what is now eastern Peru, formulated a set of richly dichotomized beliefs regarding the sources and nature of good and evil in their world. ”12 In contrast, the Evil Inca was mapped onto the Moon: “a ‘stingy’ culture withholding custodian who sought to keep humans in a state of nature and who . . ”13 Following the arrival of the Spanish in the early sixteenth century, the Shipibo came to believe that the .

18 Following this re-creation of humankind, Viracocha disappeared from earth by walking toward the West, across the ocean. 20 Other millenarian expectations were widespread among the Inca at the time of the Spanish conquest. One of the Inca leaders, known as Inkarri, was beheaded by Spanish forces in a violent show of strength. Nonetheless, a myth immediately began to circulate among the Indians that the head of Inkarri was kept by the Spanish as a trophy and returned to Spain where it remains alive.

Eventually, many believed, the body of Inkarri will return to Spain and be physically rejoined to its head. Then, Inkarri will battle the Spanish, overthrow their government, and reestablish the rule of the Incas. 22 Historical evidence indicates that similar journeys of the Tupi-Gurani tribes continued for more than three centuries. They appear to have been stirred by prophet figures within the society known as carais or caraibas. These prophets were considered by the community to be man-gods, a tradition deep in the ancient history of the indigenous peoples of the Americas,23 who held extraordinary powers.

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