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As expanding numbers of social anthropologists use a working laptop or computer for wordprocessing, curiosity in different functions necessarily follows, desktop purposes in Social Anthropology covers study actions shared through all social anthropologists and introduces new equipment for organizing and examining facts. Lucidly written, and sympathetic to the actual wishes of social anthropologists, it is going to be of titanic worth to researchers and execs in anthropology, improvement reviews and sociology

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See Bagg (1992:2–9), Burnard (1987:66–8) and Wilson (1992:77–80) for further discussion of terminology and data models. Data fields can range from being quite simple—a single number or word—to being themselves records or references to records. For example, we can design a ‘household’ record to represent a collection of information about households, and a ‘personal’ record to refer to a collection of information about individuals. The household record may be self-contained, it may include the personal records of the household members or we may have a relational mechanism to connect the household record to the people who are a part of the household.

Notation indicates that the following term is a field name within the attached relation. name’ references to the name field of the p relation. The from line sets ‘p’ to represent the person relation and ‘h’ the household relation. The where line specifies a condition for accepting a candidate for the newly defined relation, in this case by matching the HHid fields from the household relation and the person relation and then checking to see if the household income is less than 1,000. Finally the order by line controls how the resulting relation will be sorted for presentation, since the majority of these new relations will simply be examined and/or printed, which generally means that you will want the output ordered.

These include my fieldnotes, a book draft, surveys on marriage choice, a socioeconomic survey, a household survey, medical records from a clinic, passive and active surveys for malaria, a domestic animal register, some digitized photographs and geographical information relating to households. These are interconnected in a number of ways. The fieldnotes and book draft can be searched by keyword.

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