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The size of the amount surprised many investors. At the same time, the company's chief executive sent a memo on the subject to all employees with a promise to keep them current on the difficult situation, which said: This morning, Freddie Mac issued a news release providing additional information about issues related to the restatement of our prior year's financial results. The information in this release reflects the new leadership team's strong commitment to candor and transparency in our financial and business reporting—even when the news reflects poorly on our company.

In fact, Freddie Mac fired its independent auditor, Arthur Andersen, in early 2002 after the accounting firm was implicated in Enron's debacle. Accounting Questions Loom Then, the new auditor raised troubling questions about the institution's own financial reports, and an internal investigation was opened in January 2003. The auditor said Freddie Mac's earnings in recent years appeared to have been higher than reported. Higher earnings generally are good news, but truth in accounting is valued even more than profits.

In the unfolding crisis, 5 people died and 13 others became ill. Many postal employees felt endangered by their ordinary work activities of gathering, sorting, and delivering mail. The letters prompted a post-September 11 wave of concern about terrorism risks to postal patrons, postal employees, and others dependent on the mail for their livelihoods. The USPS has 38,000 post office retail outlets and delivers to 136 million addresses daily on an annual operating budget of about $70 billion. Nearly 800,000 employees delivered about 208 billion pieces of mail in 2000, processing almost half the world's mail volume.

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