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Charge backflow The charge backflow is an integral part of the final static electrification of surfaces. Being able to control the electric charge backflow would, in many cases, represent the control of the majority of the charge in static electrification. Although a considerable number of studies and theories have been advanced for the electrification of interfaces prior to separation, the control of charge backflow has been a neglected field, Based on the knowledge to date, we can only make a few general 32 ELECTROSTATICS IN THE ELECTRONICS ENVIRONMENT statements of interest: (1) When an electrified interface is separated into its two component surfaces, the amount of charge that flows back may be an order of magnitude or more larger than the charge remaining.

1 Gate protection. mechanism takes place at 8:-10 x 10 6 V/cm, corresponding to a gate voltage of 80-100 V. However, breakdown usually occurs at local defects, called weak spots, at electrical field values considerably below the breakdown field of the defect free oxide. lt has been shown that weak spots can be burned out without causing a short, if a thin metal electrode <1000 A is used for the gate. However, it was found that the burnout process causes damage to the underlying silicon and degrades the MOS device.

This is due to a very large surface state density D 8 • By contrast, S;:;;. 8 implies comparatively small surface state densities. Physically, this transition is based on the high degree of bond 40 ELECTROSTATICS IN THE ELECTRONICS ENVIRONMENT • ZnS AIN Go203 Si02 Ai 20 3 SnQ. 3 Index S of interface behaviour of the semiconductor against the electro negativity difference of the constituent atoms. SmallS implies Fermi level stabilisation at the semiconductor - metal interface; at large S the effect of the contacting metal extends into the bulk of the semiconductor.

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