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By Ron Field

Рейд John Brown на территорию рабовладельческого Юга закончился печально, судом и казнью. Но именно этот рейд сформировал национальную идею будущей Гражданской войны

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Brown Shields’ Guards, 5th Regiment Maryland Militia, Captain Chaisty Wells and McComas Rifles, 1st Rifle Regiment, Maryland Militia, Captain George W. Comas Independent Grays, 53rd Regiment Maryland Militia, Lieutenant Simpson City Guards Battalion (three companies), Major Joseph P. Warner The Raid REGULARS AND MILITIA AT HARPERS FERRY The Marine corporal wears the fatigue uniform adopted in 1839 which consisted of a sky blue kersey jacket and trousers, with rank denoted by a single half chevron of yellow worsted lace on each sleeve below the elbow.

Under heavy fire Kagi, Copeland, and Lewis Leary, plus Jim and another freed slave called Ben, scrambled out the back door of the main factory building and ran toward the railroad. Attempting to climb up on to the track, they were forced back by the fire of the militia posted there, and next made a dash for the river, splashing out towards a large flat rock. Exposed to a ferocious fire from both sides of the river, Kagi was killed instantly and his body floated away downstream. Leary was shot in the breast and stomach and mortally wounded.

Back on the train, excited passengers had no idea why their train had been stopped, although a rumor began to spread that dissatisfied Irish laborers working on the canal north of Harpers Ferry had gone on strike and occupied the town. One passenger from New York recalled in a report in the local newspaper the Shepherdstown Register on October 22, 1859: “Every light in the town had been previously extinguished by the lawless mob. The train therefore remained stationary and the passengers, terribly affrighted, remained in the cars all night.

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