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4. In male, lesions of prostate and seminal vesicle. 5. To detect calculi (stone) in urinary tract. 6. Detection of HCG in urine as a diagnosis of pregnancy. 7. To follow up the treatment with anti-diuretic drugs. 8. g. heroin, morphine. 9. g. PSA (prostate specific antigen). net Monir Ahmed. BS c (Lab medicine), 1st batch, IHT, Dhaka. com **Q- 2. What are the liver function tests? Give the indication of liver function tests. Answer. Liver function tests (LFT): The tests which are used to assess the condition or disease of liver.

Bacteria 10. Usually present. Q- 15. Write short notes on*** i. Tumour markers. ii. Apoptosis. *** iii. Repair. iv. Paraneoplastic syndrome. v. Ulcer Answer. *** i. Tumour markers: Tumour markers are substances, usually proteins that are produced by the body in response to cancer growth or by the cancer tissue itself. Some tumour markers are specific for one type of cancer, while others are seen in several cancer types. Many of well known markers are seen in benign non-cancerous conditions as well as in cancer.

Microscopic examination of urine for RBC. 2. Chemical examination for haemoglobin: a. Orthotolidine test a. Benzidine test. Causes of haematuriaA. Pre-renal: a. Collagen disease b. Filariasis (lymphatic obstruction) c. Leukaemia d. Purpuric diseases B. Renal: a. Polycystic kidney b. Acute glomerulonephritis (AGN) c. Focal or embolic glomerulonephritis d. Renal tuberculosis e. Malignant hypertension f. Nephrolithiasis g. Renal tumours C. Post-renal: a. Traumatic after catheterization. b. net Monir Ahmed.

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