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The absence of Campylobacter Jejuni and Food Safety 25 appropriate methods for tracking campylobacters precludes prioritorising these risks but in vitro studies clearly indicate that campylobacters from sources other than poultry have the same capacity to colonise and cause disease in humans [210]. Recently, flies have been hypothesised as a vector, transmitting campylobacters from animal faeces to human food [275]. The development of antimicrobial resistance in campylobacters may further contribute to the risk to human health.

Although most cases of human campylobacteriosis are self limiting, about 10% require some form of medical intervention and in some individuals, especially the young, elderly and immunocompromised, this may include the use of antimicrobials. The recommended antimicrobial treatment is erythromycin but over recent years the fluoroquinolones have become the drug of choice, at least for adults. Resistance in campylobacters to a number of antimicrobials, especially nalidixic acid and the fluoroquinolones, has increased worldwide [55].

Upsaliensis RM3195 Inf/Spt/M gt/Gif Bct/Inf/Sp t/Mgt None Bct 1878 Kb 1657 Kb 1671 Kb 1676 Kb 1710 Kb 1562 Kb 1773 Kb Acces sion NC_0 02163 NC_0 03912 NC_0 08599 NC_0 08787 ReferenceDate [294] ORFs Nb - Sequencing Center TIGR 2039 TIGR 1909 TIGR [113] Unpublished 2006 [159] IIB-UNSAM 1719 TIGR - TIGR 1986 TIGR 1716 TIGR 1748 TIGR 1757 TIGR 1694 TIGR - TIGR - TIGR Campylobacter Genomes: General and Specific Features 29 Diseases abbrevation : Septicemia=Spt, Gingivitis=Gig, Periodontis=Prs, Periodontosis=Prd, Gastroenteritis=Gst, Periodontal infection=Pdi, Infertility=Inf, Meningitis=Mgt, Genital infection=Gif, Bacteremia=Bct, Diarrhea=Dia.

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