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By S. Grovogui

This ebook re-evaluates 'international wisdom' in gentle of contemporary scholarship within the fields of hermeneutics, ethnography, and historiography in regards to the 'non-West', the prior, and the current of overseas society. It deals a view of the current within the type of a critique of Euro-centrism and occidentalist perspectives of the postwar order.

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10 (441); Codex lustinianus i. 2. 7 (423), ed. P. Kriiger (Berlin, 1954). 46 16 Rochester Bridge of the city. Since we know that this bridge survived in use until 1388, the possibility must be conceded that territorial responsibility for its repair had a continuous history from the late fourth century. In other words the late Anglo-Saxon bridgework territory, the lathe of Aylesford, may have been the late Roman civitas of Rochester. We are entering the realms of heady conjecture. Historians have been more willing to allow the possibility that Roman monuments continued in use into the Anglo-Saxon centuries than that there was any real continuity of the administrative structures that supported them.

51 For the later constitutional arrangements for Rochester bridge, see Hasted, History of Kent (asn. 29), vol. 2 pp. 18-22; J. Becker, Rochester Bridge, 1387-1856 (Oxford, 1928) and the forthcoming History of Rochester Bridge, ed. N. Yates, where the evidence will be set forth at length. 51 My attempt to solve the thorny problems of the Rochester bridgework list have been aided by expert advice on matters philological from Mr. R. Kitson and on the history of Rochester cathedral priory from Mr. R.

14 The unanimity displayed by both friendly and hostile sources in portraying Athelstan as 'king and ruler of the whole of Britain' was, in part, a recognition of his very considerable military and diplomatic achievements. In 927 he had taken possession of the Norse kingdom of York and received the submission of the kings of Scotland and Strathclyde, as well as of the lord of Hamburgh. 15 To enforce those claims, he invaded the Scottish kingdom in 934 and sent his fleet to ravage the coast as far north as Caithness.

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