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By Darrell Bain

The Williard brothers are uninterested in the sedentary existence. while one in every of them falls inheritor to evidence of Bigfoot--or most likely an alien--various govt organizations all started chasing them and their girlfriends, hoping to get better alien expertise, if that is what it truly is. Deep within the wildest a part of The Brooks Mountain diversity in Alaska, the chase involves a head, with the CIA, Russians, NSA and Mafia all vying with the Williard brothers and an Eskimo woman to win the prize.

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We named him Stowaway. I just hope your dog is as fierce as Stowaway was. " "He helped pilot our plane, fought with the dinosaur and machine-gunned the Pygmy village when we were captives," Jason said with awe tingeing his voice. Tina looked at him with disbelief in her eyes, even though Jason's rendition was more or less accurate, other than the fact that the cat had done everything accidentally rather than on purpose. Even so, he had saved their lives on several occasions. Stowaway had grown rather old but he was still pretty active.

I've been wondering what to do with that vodka I bought. " "Drink? Da. " Borsky was amazed. He had expected to have the holy hell beat out of him for trying to escape and here they were offering him a drink. "We have vodka," Williard said. He dug out the bottle and a shot glass and set them on the table by Borsky, then loosened his bonds in order to free his good hand, making sure that the knots were well out of his reach. "Speak up when you run out," Jerry said. " He hefted his mug of sailor's grog.

He made himself a drink and took it to his easy chair, thinking that there was something that he ought to be doing. And he knew what it was. He should call Terry to let her know that he was leaving. He brought up a picture of her in his mind. Wavy red hair, a slim figure but generously endowed everywhere it counted. He wondered what she was doing right this moment and felt the same old tug of attraction he had always had for her, ever since they had met on a plane the same day he was discharged from the army after the war.

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