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By Richard A. Lertzman

Doctor Max Jacobson, whom the key provider lower than President John F. Kennedy code-named “Dr. Feelgood,” built a distinct “energy formulation” that altered the trails of a few of the 20 th century’s such a lot iconic figures, together with President and Jackie Kennedy, Marilyn Monroe, Frank Sinatra, and Elvis. JFK bought his first injection (a specified mixture of “vitamins and hormones,” in line with Jacobson) in advance of his first debate with vice chairman Richard Nixon. The shot into JFK’s throat not just cured his laryngitis, but in addition lowered the soreness in his again, allowed him to face up straighter, and invigorated the drained candidate. Kennedy demolished Nixon in that first debate and became a tide of skepticism approximately Kennedy into an viewers that preferred his strength and crispness. What JFK didn’t be aware of then was once that the injections have been really strong doses of a mixture of hugely addictive liquid methamphetamine and steroids.

Author and researcher Rick Lertzman and New York Times bestselling writer invoice Birnes show heretofore unpublished fabric in regards to the mysterious Dr. Feelgood. via well-researched prose and interviews with celebrities together with George Clooney, Jerry Lewis, Yogi Berra, and Sid Caesar, the authors display Jacobson’s substantial effect on occasions equivalent to the assassination of JFK, the Cuban Missile predicament, the Kennedy-Khrushchev Vienna Summit, the homicide of Marilyn Monroe, the filming of the C. B. DeMille vintage The Ten Commandments, and the paintings of some of the nice artists of that period. Jacobson destroyed the lives of numerous well-known sufferers within the leisure and by accident killed his personal spouse, Nina, with an overdose of his formula.

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Even more than a sensational story, this is a fascinating case study of how human connections form, spread, and deteriorate so as to change the course of history. What Max Jacobson did still affects us today in how the press operates and in our war on drugs. When we looked at the totality of Max Jacobson’s effect on American culture—albeit having started inside a niche segment of that culture—the lives that were destroyed or otherwise influenced, and the spread of Max Jacobson’s influence across cultural lines, we realized we were looking at more than a story about a drug; we were looking at a type of social phenomenon, something that British scientist and author Richard Dawkins1 might call a “meme,” which was working its way through a social network that Max Jacobson helped create.

On a positive note, medical licensing laws changed because of Jacobson. The War on Drugs emerged, in a small measure, out of the scandal surrounding Jacobson. Because of the influence he wielded with a drug that frightened federal secret intelligence agencies, conspirators within those agencies took extreme measures to protect power they felt belonged to them. Jacobson was not only an instrument of destruction— inadvertently as well as deliberately as he sought to exert his control over those around him—but he also was a tool used by the media to sell newspapers as the Nixon administration crumbled from within.

Edgar Hoover, Senator Claude Pepper, vice president Spiro Agnew, and even presidents Richard Nixon and Harry Truman became involved. Who was Max Jacobson? And how did the drug he synthesized exert so much influence? What was really at work as the drug spread, and how had it remained under the radar for more than thirty years, only to emerge in a headline-making story on the pages of the New York Times and in the news broadcasts of a crusading young Geraldo Rivera? To find the truths behind the Max Jacobson story, we have traveled throughout the United States to interview American legends from all walks of life, Max Jacobson’s patients, and family members and friends of patients.

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