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By Mirza Tahir Ahmad

Homicide within the identify of Allah is the 1st translation into English of Mazhab Ke Nam in keeping with Khoon, a re-affirmation of the elemental tenets of Islam.

Hardly an afternoon passes on which an Islamic occasion doesn't make headlines. The president of a Muslim state is assassinated through the supporters of Muslim brotherhood; a eu journalist is taken hostage through Islamic Jihad; a Pan-American plane is hijacked by way of one other Muslim staff; American collage professors are taken into custody by means of Hezbullah; passenger sporting airplanes have been slammed in to global alternate heart. The glare of 'Islamic' revolution in Iran is mirrored during the flares of each gulf oil refinery.

This e-book is a reminder that the aim of any faith is the unfold of peace, tolerance and realizing. It argues that the that means of Islam—submission to the desire of God—has been gradually corrupted by way of minority components in the neighborhood. rather than spreading peace, the faith has been abused by means of lovers and made an excuse for violence and the unfold of terror, either in and out the faith.

In confirming the real spirit of Islam, it makes the purpose to fans of all religions that the way forward for mankind will depend on the intrinsic values of affection, tolerance, and freedom of sense of right and wrong and of trust.

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Religious doctrines have the potential of working toward an overlapping consensus on important articles in the Declaration—a consensus that secular human rights theoreticians can ill afford to ignore. The Declaration’s normative discourse must be critically reinvestigated for its universal presumptions about human inherency in the light of theological discourse whose universal language continues to guide ethical and jurisprudential values of common life. 13 The founder of Islam, for instance, not only recognized temporal existence as part and parcel of one’s faith commitment; he also created stable and universal institutional structures to further the vision of a just public order under God’s guidance.

It is unhelpful to dismiss Islamic or any other religious comprehensive doctrine as parochial or relativist with no impact whatsoever in the development of a human rights regime. This study intends to do just that. It endeavors to go to the foundational sources of Islamic doctrines in the Qur’an and the Tradition9 to demonstrate to THE CLASH OF UNIVERSALISMS 15 its own membership as well as the international community that it shares the universal language of morality and human agency, including human dignity, to enhance its commitment to the protection of human rights.

Whether one ¯ molı¯ or not, it is obvious that the issue that confronts the agrees with Java¯dı¯ A legitimacy of the Declaration among the traditionalists is not reduced to judicial rulings that are conditioned by culture, time, and place. Rather, the issue is fundamentally foundational. Can there be a concept of human dignity based on something inherent in human nature without some sort of existential sacredness connected with the very creation of human beings in God’s image? What is the source of human dignity and the worth of human persons that is inviolable?

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